Cottesmore St Mary Catholic Primary School


Staff at Cottesmore


Headteacher: Mrs Rachel Breen


Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Cath McLoughlin



Inclusion Lead: Mrs Anna Mullans


Other members of the Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs Katie McFarland  
Key Stage One leader (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2)

Mrs Jennifer Fletcher and Mrs Brady Smith Year 3 and 4 leader

Miss Laura Waters   Year 5 and 6 leader



Reception St Christopher
Teacher: Miss Topcam
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Maria Tall-Stuart

Reception St Christopher
Teacher: Mrs Alison Coleshill
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Carmina Wells

Year 1 St Catherine
Teacher:  Miss Thomas
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Caroline Cashman and Mrs Louise Wroe

Year 1 St Peter
Teachers: Mrs McCartney (Mon, Tues and Wed)
Mrs Fairbanks (Thurs and Fri)
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Salimi-Tabar and Mrs Rowena Leany

Year 2 St Bernadette
Teacher: Mrs McFarland
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Pam Williams and Mrs Sally Saunders

Year 2 St Claire
Teacher: Mrs Jayne Tearle
Teaching Assistant: Ms Stafford

Year 3 St Joan
Teachers: Miss Whiteley
Teaching Assistant: Mrs White

Year 3 St Patrick
Teacher: Miss Rodway (Mon, Tues and Wed)
Mrs McGuire (Thurs and Fri)
Teaching Assistant: Mrs White

Year 4 St Andrew
Teacher: Miss Fletcher
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cutler

Year 4 St St Francis
Teacher: Ms Szeless
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cutler

Year 5 St Cecilia
Teacher: Miss Wilkinson
Teaching Assistant: Mrs McEntee

Year 5 St St Stephen
Teacher: Mrs Elliot (Mon, Tues and Wed am)
Mrs Bowles (Wed pm, Thurs and Fri)
Teaching Assistant: Mrs McEntee & Mrs Burtenshaw

Year 6 St Paul
Teacher: Mrs Fletcher
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Debbie Georgiou

Year 6 St St Martin
Teacher:  Miss Waters
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Debbie Georgiou and Mrs Lucy Alphonso 


Forest School Teachers
Ms Jo McCartney
Mrs Carmina Wells

Music Specialist PPA Teachers
Mrs Orla Tubb

PE Specialist PPA Teacher
Mr Johnny Buggy


Art Specialist Teacher
Mr Ray Burns
ICT Specialist Teacher
Ms Rachel Marchant


Support Staff

Business Manager:  Miss Georgie Hodgson

Finance / Headteacher support and Clerk to the Governor: Mrs Natasha Camilleri

Pupil ServicesMrs Ruth Yahiatene

Front of House:  Mrs Sara Wheddon (Mon - Wed) and Mrs Jessica Clifton (Thurs - Fri)

 Premises Manager: Mr Tim Clark


Additional Midday Supervisors:

Ms Mamba Toure 
Mrs Penny Rodrigues
Mr Samir Farah
Mrs Rali Saker
Mrs Lesley Smith
Ms Aminata Alghali


Mr Liam Finn
Mrs Lesley Gretton 
Mr John Sacco
Mr Alessandro Intini