Digital Enrichment at Cottesmore  

Digital Enrichment for Year One



 Image by Isabella

Spring Term 2019 - Flying High Topic 

During the Spring term, Year One learned all about Space.

As part of the topic the children used digital technoglogy to enrich their learning.



Year One watched a video explaining what is is like to be an astronaut on the International Space Station.

The children were asked to think of questions they could ask the astronauts when talking to them.

Another part of the topic work was to imagine being an alien.

After watching another video explaining how they were going to be

"transformed" - the children were asked to write some sentences as an alien.  



Click on the image to view the video used for Life on the International Space Station.


  Click on the image to view the video used for Becoming an Alien.



Trek Yourself


Click on the images to view the web pages


2D to 3D Planets

Planet created by Thomas


Click on the class names to view the planet web pages



The children enjoyed a lesson all about music

that was composed for and about Space.




Visit from Space Expert  



The children learned a lot from expert visitor who came to the school .

She explained all about our Solar System and the Milky Way.

The children in the video tell us about her visit.





  Space Station Communications


Each Year One class had two astronauts

travel to the International Space Station.


The astronauts were asked questions from the children back

on Earth about what life is like when you are in Space.  






 Workshare Afternoon


Parents could come into the classrooms to view all of the

wonderful work the children had done all about Space.

Apart from the books, parents had the chance to see a

video about the Space Station Communications.


Links to the videos are below (click on the images to view)

The videos show how the topic of Space was both cross-curricular

and involved some of  Year One's buddies in Year Five