Children's Parade 2018  

The Children’ Parade marks the opening of Brighton Festival and is organised by community arts group Same Sky. Every year local schools and colleges take part and work on a given theme which is often linked to that years festival director. This years theme was ‘Paintings’ and we were lucky to be allocated Frida Kahlo’s ‘Self Portrait with Monkey's

The making process begins early in the year, with in initial ideas being presented in February. Every year, Years 5 & 6 will be directly involved in the process, but all children will learn about the theme and artist in their art lessons. Year 6 are presented a design challenge for the small makes and some of these are made in art lessons or at Family weekend workshops.

Music and Dance are an important part of the parade and this year we had a Year 5 ocarina group, year 6 Samba band and dancers. The children learnt Spanish songs and chants. It is an amazing event and a great opportunity to work with other schools and artists and to work more closely with parents



The following part of this page was mainly created by Bernardo Yr6 - St Paul  (with a little help from Mr. Cutting)

On the May 5th 2018, over sixty schools in Brighton & Hove attended the Childrens Parade. Cottesmore St. Mary Primary School was number thirty. Our school’s art teacher was the one who had the idea for the Frida Kahlo theme for our display. Year Six worked with Mrs Cullen in their art lessons to come up with ideas for the parade. One of which was the idea for the ‘leaf backpacks’ so the paraders could perform and hold their great Frida themed designs at the same time.

Year Six also painted pictures of Frida Kahlo because it was their art project for the term. So we took the liberty of picking our favourites and making a video of the beautiful pieces of artwork. 

 (click the image to view the video of the portraits)


We made a compilation of all the pictures that were taken on the day. We have made them into a video and added some samba music. We hope you enjoy it. 

  (click the image to view the video)