Cottesmore St Mary Catholic Primary School

Learning Muscles  

Every child is full of potential and we want each of them to develop the learning skills they need to achieve anything they want to. From the very start we introduce them to the idea of having a growth mindset, where they can change and grow over time. We openly challenge the fixed mindset that says what
we are able to achieve is already set by the sort of person we are.

All classrooms have eight characters, which represent the Learning Muscles we would like to train. Using these muscles helps the children overcome any barriers to learning and develops their growth mindset. Such attitudes are praised with weekly awards.

We achieve academic excellence through fostering an open mind to learning and challenge. We use the mental image of a pitstop as a place where you might need to stop to get some extra help. That might mean taking a different approach, working with a friend, using classroom resources or working with an adult. In every class, the pitstop is promoted as a great place where the most effective learning takes place.

Aspirational People


Starting with Jesus, we work to identify those who show us how amazing people can be. Aspirational people we look at include Leonardo Da Vinci, Neil Armstrong, Mahatma Ghandi, Malala Yousafzai and Tim Berners-Lee. Through looking at their special attributes, we consider the people we would like to grow into.