Parent View  


Parents’ Questionnaire October 2014


  Statement Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
1. My child is happy at school 67% 32% 1%  
2. My child feels safe at school. 66% 34%    
3. My child makes good progress at this school. 53% 45% 2%  
4. My child is well looked after at this school. 61% 37% 2%  
5. My child is taught well at this school 55% 45%    
6. My child receives appropriate homework for their age. 49% 47% 4%  
7. This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved. 59% 40% 1%  
8. This school deals effectively with bullying 52% 46% 2%  
9. The school is well led and managed. 54% 44% 2%  
10. This school responds well to any concerns I raise 52% 45% 2% 1%
11. I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress 39% 56% 4% 1%
12. I would recommend this school to another parent.  64% 35% 1%  
13. The school promotes its Catholic values strongly 76% 24%    
14. The school has strong links with the local churches and wider community 76% 24%    

The school seeks to promote the children’s spiritual and moral development.

54% 46%    
16. The school encourages my child to take regular exercise 48% 50% 2%  
17. The school provides a good variety of extra curricular activities. 57% 41% 2%  


Comments – things to further improve

• We received seven comments regarding homework. For example some felt there was too much and some felt there was too little. Others felt it sometimes required too much parental input. The homework policy has been reviewed and teachers should have informed you of the changes. This policy will also be on our new school website which is currently under construction and coming very soon. Please do contact me, via the school office or email, if you have any further feedback regarding homework.

• We received six comments regarding the affordability of after school clubs . The costs of the clubs that are run by external providers are decided by them. We regularly review these and see if we can find cheaper providers who provide the same quality but this has not been fruitful. There are a few after schools clubs that are free such as netball, choir and film club. We will always look to increase these. This term, we have introduced daily sporting clubs run by Mr Buggy. These are subsidised by the school so that they are more affordable at £2 per session. Children who are eligible for free school meals (lower income families) are offered one free club from an external provider plus one free club by Mr Buggy per term. Children eligible for free school meals are also offered heavily subsisted musical instrument lessons during the school day. Please see the office if you are not yet taking advantage of these. One person raised the question of an after school club until 6pm which we are continually looking into.

• We received three comments regarding requests for more information on children’s progress throughout the year. There are two parents’ evening a year (Autumn term and Spring term) plus a final report and opportunity to meet with the teacher (summer term). You are welcome to arrange to meet with class teachers to discuss progress in between these if you require more information. If you have any significant progress concerns, please do make an appointment to the Senior Leader for your child’s year (Mrs Hancock for Reception and Year 1, Mr Croghan for Year 2 and 3 and Mrs Fletcher for Year 4 and 5. Mr Kershaw is currently overseeing Year 6). Any further concerns should then be made to Mrs Kershaw.

• We received two comments regarding sport. Mr Buggy now provides sports activities for KS2 children every lunchtime and this seem to be very popular. All classes receive a weekly PE lesson with Mr Buggy (again, a big success) plus children have a half termly zumba class and a termly yoga class. The aim of this is to provide children with opportunities to other forms of exercise that aren’t just competitive sports.

Other comments
• There were some comments that were personal to individual children. These have been passed on and should have been addressed. Please do all remember that our doors are always open. Please always see your child’s class teacher with any concerns. For further support, please then see the member of the Senior Leadership Team responsible for your child’s year (Mrs Hancock for Reception and Year 1, Mr Croghan for Year 2 and 3 and Mrs Fletcher for Year 4 and 5. Mr Kershaw is currently overseeing Year 6). For any Special Needs concerns, please do see Mrs Kershaw and of course, please do contact me if resolutions have not been reached to your satisfaction. Please also remember that my door is always open (or my email account!) if you have any suggestions. Some of the school developments have come from ideas from parents so please do always pass these on.

 Comments – particular strengths

• I am impressed with year planner emailed to me – very useful
• Good communication to parents via email – excellent office staff
• The newsletter provides great communication
• Very efficient and kind office staff
• The office staff is excellent – The school feels welcoming because of this. Communication of important information via the newsletter and parent mail is excellent
• Newsletter very informative and recognises children’s’ achievements

Trips, extra-curricular activities and clubs
• Love the curricular ‘extra’ activities – meditation, forest school and Harvest
• School trips – like the fact there are so many for each class and subject related very good
• I really appreciate the time and effort teachers put into netball which I appreciate is all in their own time
• Lots of good activities and trips
• My child enjoys and is inspired by the school trips
• School Clubs improve every year – breakfast club /more clubs before school to extend activities before school
• School trips are an excellent way of enhancing current topic knowledge – very enjoyable for children

Teaching and community
• A real sense of Family Community and an environment of warmth and positivity. I am truly delighted that my child is at school with such great teachers, support staff, parents and friends
• Exceptional quality of teaching especially by my child’s teacher who has the ability to energise and encourage the pupils
• Great to see teachers with such passion and talent
• The school puts much effort into the assemblies which parents attend and are much appreciated
• Bug club and ‘My Maths’ are great for home learning
• A previous case of potential bullying which was sorted effectively
• Great that there is now a dedicated PE teacher – hopeful that now there will be much more choice such as cricket, rugby and tennis
• The children always look smart
• Music department and choir has improved and really engaged children this year