Cottesmore St Mary Catholic Primary School



At Cottesmore St Mary, we use a structured and systematic approach to the teaching of calculations. There is considerable emphasis on teaching mental calculation methods and the National Curriculum for mathematics aims to ensure that children are fluent in the fundamentals of maths, that they can reason mathematically and they can solve problems. We believe that once children have been taught the variety of methods our long term aim is for children to be able to select efficient method of their choice that is appropriate for a given task.


Calculation guides:

FOUNDATION and KS1 - Addition and Subtraction

FOUNDATION and KS1 - Multiplication and Division

KS2 - Addition and Subtraction

KS2 - Multiplication and Division

Progression in Calculation



Mathematical Calculations:

Formal Method for Addition


Formal Method for Subtraction - No Exchange


Formal Method for Subtraction - Using Exchange


Key Stage Two - Short Multiplication


Key Stage Two - Long Multiplication


Key Stage Two - Grid Method - Single Digit


Key Stage Two - Grid Method - Two Digits


Key Stage Two - Short Division


Key Stage Two - Long Division