Cottesmore St Mary Catholic Primary School


Wayne AshtonHello and welcome from the Chair of Governors

The Governing Board

Governors are responsible for rigorously challenging the information provided by the school leadership team. We have a detailed oversight of the school’s academic, religious and social output. We know the school is in a good place and are confident that our Catholic faith is evident throughout all aspects of school life. We have a fantastic school community made up of the children, parents and carers, parish priests, SOCS, the Governing Body, and all the staff.  With everyone’s support, and under the leadership of our Headteacher Mrs Breen, the school can only continue to get better and better.

Wayne Ashton


 Letter from the Chair of Governors (06/11/20)

There is an expectation for all governors to visit the school during the year to become familiar with school improvement priorities e.g. follow up staff presentations on curriculum development, equality, behaviour and learning. Governors also place a high priority on communicating with the school community and attend parent/teacher evenings and other school events, including the annual summer fair.

There is a high priority for Governors and the Diocese to attend training sessions organised by Brighton & Hove Local Authority to ensure they are able to carry out their role effectively.


The four Primary Committees that meet are:

Finance & Personnel

Curriculum and Standards

Pupils, Parents and Community


The Secondary Committees are

Headteacher's Appraisal

Pupil Premium 

Training and Development

Parent Forum

Pupil Discipline

Ofsted Working Party

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To contact our governors you can email:


Annual Report 2019/20


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Statutory Declaration: our Governor's Register of Interests, current at 6th December 2016, shows that NO members of our governing body have any business or pecuniary interests, including governance roles in other educational institutions, nor any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff, including spouses, partners and close relatives. 


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Wayne Ashton – Chair of Governors and Foundation Governor

I became a Parent Governor in autumn 2017 and quickly rose to the challenge of Chair of Governors in autumn 2018. My role and the role of all our governors is to support our leadership team, as well as holding them to account. I genuinely feel well supported by our diverse set of governors and we will be making sure our leadership team really do the best they can for the pupils entrusted to our care to create the best possible environment in the school, and ensure the best outcomes for all. I don’t work within the education system, my background is over 15 years in Corporate Business, but having two children of my own, my oldest went to Cottesmore and is now in year 10 at Cardinal Newman and my youngest is in her final year at Cottesmore, I have a vested interest in children’s education. My aim as Chair is to be able to make a positive contribution to the school and every child’s education and play an active role in maintaining its high standards and to assist in the leadership of the school to go from strength to strength. I hope you find me and all your governors approachable and accessible and on behalf of us all, it’s a real privileged to be contributing to the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school. Should there ever be things you’d like to raise, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to receive your comments and feedback. Many of the Governors are regularly in and around the school, and several of us are often in the playground at drop-off and pick-up times. If you don’t see me, you can always talk to them or pass a message for us to get in touch via the school office.

Arthur Gallagher

We no longer have primary school children, as ours have grown to Cardinal Newman and beyond. However as a parishioner of the Sacred Heart I'm delighted to have the opportunity to support this great local catholic school.

I have been involved with this governing board since Autumn 2015 and the role gives me an excellent opportunity to apply my professional skills to help the school. Not only can I contribute to building a better foundation for young members of our community, but in the process I can also extend my own personal experience and faith. 

I have gained experience in various committees, panels, working parties and partnerships, and I am happy to chair the Finance and Personnel committee. As Vice Chair of the board I also enjoy supporting our chair and our very capable headteacher. I look forward to developing our leadership, putting the school into an ever-stronger position to support our staff as they nurture our pupils and help them to achieve in and enjoy their life ahead.

Sue Hollow

As a new governor I have much to learn about this school, however, I am impressed by what I have seen so far, especially a positive, warm, supportive atmosphere and a superb head teacher. 

I have long experience of teaching and management in a wide range of settings; children from 3 to 18, as well as adults. I have worked in state and independent schools, and a special school, most of which were Roman Catholic foundations.  I also have experience as a qualified social worker, supporting children families and the mentally ill. I also lead a small team running a limited company. I was welcomed into the Church in 1974 since which time I have been active both at parish and diocesan level.

I have been asked to lead the Admissions team of governors and be part of the Pupils, Parents and Community team, with an interest in Safeguarding and supporting Religious Education.

My hope is that I can use my professional skills to support all stakeholders at Cottesmore St Mary.

Katie Raymond

I joined as a Governor in Autumn 2020 to help support the school Governing Body. I am originally from Bromley and moved to Brighton and Hove in 2002 to train and qualify as a solicitor after finishing my English and Music degree in Leeds and my post-graduate qualifications in London. I have worked in several law firms in our local area, and I am now a Partner in a firm specialising in property transactions. My role as a Governor is with the Curriculum Commitee and I am looking forward to supporting the team with how strategic decisions are made and reviewed.   

Both of my boys are at the school so you should see me around during drop off and pick up – if you have any issues, you would like me to raise, please do speak to me.