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Inspired by the Youth Climate Summit 2020


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Youth Climate Summit Assembly November 2020




Composting at Cottesmore July 2020


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Young Climate Warriors 2020


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Reduce Plastic Waste 2020



Recycling Award (Paper Round, 2019)

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On Friday 29th November, children from Reception to Year 6 in the Eco Committee and Fairtrade Committee planned, organised and executed fantastic stalls at the Advent Fair.

The Eco Committee made and sold gift tags using old Christmas cards to promote recycling. The gift tags were a great success. Particular thanks to Beatrice and Juliet for running the stall so enthusiastically.

The Fairtrade Committee enjoyed an afternoon to make and decorate chocolate rice crispy cakes using Fairtrade chocolate. These also sold quickly and were delicious! Again, special thanks to Oscar L for running the stall so diligently.

Thank you to everyone who supported the children and their efforts. All money raised will feed into the Cottesmore Forest School and help buy new equipment to promote a love for outdoor learning.








As an Eco-School, Cottesmore aims to ensure that we are being as resourceful as possible and that the children are aware of what they can do to make our learning environment a better and more eco-friendly place to be.

Our Eco-Warriors are a fundamental part of our success. They work together to ensure that we are not wasteful- our focus is 'energy' and how we use it as a school. The Eco-Warriors have taken to a bit of 'eco-sypying' within classrooms and offices and generated reports about ways that we use energy and tips for improving.

Each Eco-Warrior is responsible for their classroom environment and ensuring that we 'switch off!'.



Minutes of Committee Meetings